Meet the Creator


Write or Die Tribe was created by Kailey Brennan, a freelance writer, blogger and content creator based in Plymouth, MA.

She currently writes for Read Poetry and a handful of other online platforms.


About Write or Die Tribe

Writing is more than an expression, it is a way humans interact and bond with another. I’m sure I’m not alone in the experience of feeling an intimate connection with a writer you have never even met. Their writing creates a shared experience, a kind of kinship.  

Writers need other writers.

“Hearing each others stories actually raises our levels of the feel good hormone oxytocin, which is what nursing mothers secrete when they breastfeed -what partly helps them bond to their young. It helps to join us together in some tribal way.”

I first read this quote by Mary Karr from The Art of Memoir a few days after I decided to create Write or Die Tribe. Not only did finding this quote felt like a sign I was on the right path, it also exemplifies why I wanted to create a tribe centered around writing; for this connection.

After graduating college, leaving behind a tight-knit writing community amongst creative writing professors and close writer friends, I felt a massive void in my life. I mourned the connection I had with other writers, the ability to bounce ideas off each other, share favorite books and short stories and to have access to feedback on my own work. My writing suffered as a result.

Seven years later, I have created Write or Die Tribe to build the community I have been searching for. The word “tribe” evokes an image of a strongly linked community working together, offering support, inspiration, and love while each person within the tribe grows and flourishes. I hope this tribe continues to grow and encompass all who seek literary and creative connection.

Join me in freeing your words, and finding your people.