April Writing Exercise: Week of 04/22

Food for Thought

As our short story theme comes to a close, I hope you have made progress on your fiction over the last two months. Short stories are such a great way to explore themes we are interested in while perfecting our use of plot, rising action, dialogue and other constructs that make fiction work.

Since characters are often the most fun to play around with and also sometimes the most difficult to construct, I wanted to give you another prompt that focuses on character building.

This one is kind of funny, but I think it could reveal some things about your characters that you didn’t know before.

Last fall scientists published findings in Science Advances that even snails start making questionable food choices when they’ve gone too long without eating. Extreme hunger alters the brain’s perception of stimuli in a way that makes otherwise unappealing nourishment seem worthy of the risk, which explains why you might find yourself walking out of a grocery store with bizarre food combinations.

Write a short story or a scene in which your main character makes an unusual choice while in the throes of hunger. Does it turn out to be merely a comic interlude or are there irreversible consequences?