January Prompt: Week of 01/07 - Bonus

Theme: Genderless Narrator

Exercise: Imagine your characters are a teenage girl, Anna, and her twin brother, Sam. You are narrating their fifteenth birthday party, going back and forth from female to male point of view.

Think of the differences in the kind of gifts they receive, the aspects of their personalities and personal achievements that their friends and relatives compliment them on.

Is Anna turning into a proper lady? Is Sam growing up to be an assertive young man?

What wishes do their family members express from each one? What do they envision for the teenagers’ futures and how do their imagined paths differ?

Do Anna and Sam feel comfortable with the roles that have been assigned to them?

Think about how twin siblings of the opposite sex have been identical at one point in their lives, until society made them irrevocably different.

Do they ever wish they could swap places?

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Alina Martin of @inbetweenthecovers

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