Fairytale Themed Writing Prompt 1: Exploring Perceptive

Exploring Perspective

So much of a story is who tells it. Certain narrators afford us the distance to regard a protagonist critically, or to understand how their actions affect those around them. Often in first-person narratives, the narrator is the protagonist, which can facilitate a deep, emotional bond between the reader and said protagonist. However, unusual—or even unlikely—narrators can gift us with insights we would have no way of gleaning otherwise.

Prompt: Tell the story of Hansel and Gretel from the perspective of the Witch’s gingerbread house. How much of the story does the Gingerbread House witness? Does it feel things physically, and if so, does it experience pain when Hansel and Gretel bite off pieces of sugared windowsill or gumdrop lattice work? Does the Gingerbread House piece the story together from overheard fragments of character dialogue?

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