Fairytale Themed Writing Prompt 4: Poetry to Prose

Poetry to Prose

Bringing poetic language to your writing is one way to profoundly effect the reader. Metaphor and simile can charge a story with symbolic value, adding layers of meaning and possible interpretation to your work.

Prompt: Tell your version of The Twelve Dancing Princesses in the form of a poem. Once you have written the poem, highlight the parts that feel rich in symbolism, metaphor, and/or simile, and incorporate them into a piece of prose.

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Willow Loveday Little

Willow is a Canadian writer and poet based in Montreal. She is currently working on the first draft of a speculative fiction manuscript, the second draft of a literary fiction manuscript, and a handful of creative, writing-related projects. Her poetry has appeared in The Dalhousie Review. Start a conversation with her on creative process at @willowloveday or say hello at www.willowloveday.com