Exercises for the Week: 03/25

Week 4: Plot

This month we have talked about developing characters, perfecting dialogue and writing scenes.

This week, our exercises are geared towards putting all of this together and forming the plot. If you are like me and enjoy character driven or quiet stories, the plot can actually be the most difficult part "Where am I going with this?" is something I often ask myself, when I'm spending too much time within the characters emotions or feelings. Our stories need movement, they need action and a reaction, they need the use of time. 

Here are some prompts to help you this week if you are stuck. These are designed to keep you writing and to keep your plot rolling. I kept them brief because I don't want you to feel like you need to write pages and pages each day. Instead, take each prompt and commit to writing just a paragraph. If you want to keep going, great! If not, you still got something on the page!!

Day 1: Write a scene that contains foreshadowing for your main character 

Day 2:  Write about a success that actually causes a new problem 

Day 3: A character leaves and forces other characters to fill the (narrative or physical) space they vacated.

Day 4: A character or group of characters struggle to avoid conflict. 

Day 5: Show time passing