May Writing Prompt: Week of 05/06

Check out this quote from an article by Philip Hensher:

“It doesn't seem to matter, either, if the places have been densely studied, conjured from speculation or never existed at all. I've written novels in places I lived in for years, such as Sheffield or London, places I visited regularly such as Berlin or India, but places, too, I'd never been to. I wrote novels about Vienna and Afghanistan without having been there. As far as I could tell, readers found the imaginative reconstruction as satisfying as the documentary account. And why not? After all, the things every reader finds transfixing about The Lord of the Rings are Mordor and Gondor, the stairs of Shelob and the halls of Moria – places that never existed.”

For this week’s writing prompt, try writing about a place you are interested in but have never been. Keep in mind what Hershner says about “imaginative reconstruction.”