July Recommended Reading


You go into a book with many things––your most unsettled feelings––but without aesthetic rules in your mind––or at least, for me, these come as I am working––I did whatever I could for velocity, for urgency, for vividness.” Claudia Dey: Catching Up with the Dreamy Author of Heartbreaker | Write or Die Tribe

“Writer Halle Butler on the importance of reading your work aloud, internal versus external success, the connection between socializing and making things, and being a caretaker of the creative process.” On being relaxed and hyper-focused | The Creative Independent

Writing Advice

Famous Poets and their Writing Habits: What We Can Learn from Them | Read Poetry

“Fiction 101 teaches a writer to reveal character through action, and a story producer on The Bachelorette has no option but to do anything else.” On The Bachelorette-as-MFA. | Vanity Fair

“Got Writer’s Block? Read This Poem” Nick Ripatrazone Close Reads Gerard Manley Hopkins' "To R.B." | Lit Hub

“I feel such a sense of loss when I think of the great, unwritten poems that took a backseat to polished floors.” On the biggest threat to creative women: a structural lack of uninterrupted alone time. | The Guardian

“Both require a level of isolation, of quiet solitude. Both ask you to reach deep inside, to look inward.” On the connection between writing and cruising. | Lit Hub


‘Waves” by Jana Prikryl

“Fatal Light Awareness” by Margaret Atwood

“Poems have this beautiful power of connection—to make us feel less alone—no matter what we might be feeling.” Poems for Your Mood Part 2 | Read Poetry

Short Stories

"This Lousy Heart" by Duncan Murrell

"The Paper Wasp" by Lauren Acampora

“Here Is What You Do” by Chris Dennis


Doesn’t every bibliophile do this, buy books and fail to read them? Karen Olsson on the Ghosts on Her Shelves | Lit Hub

The women in my family and the many hours of handiwork have done their best in trying to make me a whole woman as much as possible.” Mihaela Miroiu on the meaning of womanhood in communist Romania. | Asymptote

“It was Fight Club that showed me the Dream was a lie in the first place, and the people who shilled for it were all selling something.” Rebecca Renner on the anti-capitalist message of an unjustly vilified work. | Lit Hub

“Dear Rick Moody: How Can I Manage My Self-Loathing?” Life Coach Rick Moody, Joined by Lidia Yuknavitch, on Body Image and the Power of Affirmations | Lit Hub

“A guide to changing where you live and work in order to nourish your creative lifestyle” How to make your home and workspace fuel your creativity | The Creative Independent

“As someone who had spent the majority of her life as the only Latina in predominantly white spaces, I was accustomed to over-explaining myself” Learning How to Write Girls with Agency in Fiction | Lit Hub

“The father was tired, and the mother was tired.” If Ernest Hemingway were a parenting blogger. | McSweeney’s

Considering all the people who work on them, from author to agent to editor to publicist to production manager, should books include movie-style credits? | The Guardian