May Recommended Reading


"I have a very bad memory: I’m not sitting around thinking about ten years ago. I’m wondering about how to make something: my life, a book... I’m wondering what the present is asking of me." Sheila Heti: 'All of Living is Thinking' | Guernica Magazine 

"Shame is a big part of Filipino culture because so much of our lives depend on maintaining good relationships with neighbors, in-laws, business associates etc. These are built over generations and reputations are as valuable as money in the Philippines." Q & A with Marivi Soliven | Reading Women Podcast 

Read a profile of Samanta Schweblin, “the warm, smiling woman who can write so hauntingly about, among other things, teen girls eating live birds.” | Vulture

Writing Advice

"Tips for publishing something new every day, and approaching your progression as a writer with kindness rather than judgment." How to establish a daily writing practice | The Creative Independent 

Short Stories

Lil Spin by Geovani Martins 

Drowning Boy by Adam Peterson 


We Can’t Hide if There’s No One Looking: Two Poems by Emma Törzs


"The first generation of refugees have the power of selective memory. Children like me learned early to tiptoe around our families and their traumas." Speak of the Dead: Seeking the Stories of My Refugee Family | Catapult 

The Vagina is Perpendicular to the Spine and Other Misconceptions of Female Anatomy | Excerpt from The Book for Every Woman | Electric Lit 

Scent and Sensibility: 5 Olfactory Novels | Lit Hub