December Writing Prompt: Week of 12/03

Theme: Finding the heart of a narrative.

Question: What moves you in stories?

Exercise: Find the jewel of meaning in a story, and condense it into poem. There is poetry to be found in everything. Everywhere you look, it’s there to be discovered.

Create a “found poem.” Take a favorite novel or story and choose specific lines or phrases which speak to the essence of the work for you. Then craft a poem out of them.

There are lots of ways to "do" found poetry, like blackout poems, but think of this method as a word collage. This gets ideas flowing without having to start from scratch. Don’t alter the punctuation or capitalization of your chosen lines, and put each snippet on a separate line. Get ready to become a “finder of poems”!

This month’s writing theme is brought to you by:


Amelie Florence

Originally from Boston, MA, and currently living in Long Beach, CA, Amelie holds a BA in creative writing with a minor in comparative world literature. She is the co-creator of Two Girl Book Party, an online monthly book club and will be launching her website, Fête Lit, soon!

She is a plant lady, dog mama, book polyamorist, and writer of poems and stories. Check her out on Instagram @florenceandthebookparty