December Writing Prompt: Week of 12/10

Theme: Seeing. Observing the world around you. 

Go outside, or to a cafe, someplace where there are people and interesting things to see, someplace that inspires you to really look. Observe your surroundings, and in as much detail as possible, write it all down.

Take this writer’s notebook entry and turn it into poem.

Exercise: No poetry but in things— inspired by Imagist poets. Focus on using strong, descriptive nouns and verbs, and try to write a poem without (or very few) adjectives or adverbs. Strong nouns and verbs are inherently descriptive. Each line must begin and end with a concrete noun or verb.

To do this, you’ll also have to pay close attention to creative line breaks. Use these to build multiple meanings and double entendre into your lines. By building strong images, you’ll eliminate abstractions like “Truth” or “Beauty” or “Love”. For any abstract idea or theme that you’re trying to convey, think of an image that evokes it instead, and use that image to convey the essence of it.

Inspiration: “The apparition of these faces in the crowd;
Petals on a wet, black bough.”

Ezra Pound

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Amelie Florence

Originally from Boston, MA, and currently living in Long Beach, CA, Amelie holds a BA in creative writing with a minor in comparative world literature. She is the co-creator of Two Girl Book Party, an online monthly book club and will be launching her website, Fête Lit, soon!

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